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Top 10 Most Read Features Of 2018 on Rapzilla.com

Top 10 Most Read Features Of 2018 on Rapzilla.com

It’s that time of year when Rapzilla compiles their top 10 lists! This list is focusing on our most read features articles.

1. An Open Letter To Aha Gazelle

Aha Gazelle

Summary: We at Rapzilla.com appreciate your art. It’s why we nominated you for Best New Artist and Best New Single of 2017. Your creativity, sense of humor, and commitment to excellence all make your music stand out in a world where everybody’s a rapper.


2. What Does “Light Work” Song Mean For The Future Of 116 And Reach Records?

Summary: Reach Records dropped a new 116 track today (1/16), and the song leaves more questions than answers. So let’s break it down a bit.


3. Aha Gazelle Leaves Reach Records?


Summary: Aha Gazelle leaves Reach Records? Yes, in a roundabout way, he has. Aha posted a Tweet that read, “Press statement – Elevators: It’s Up.” The tweet led to a blog post where he led the paragraph off by talking about Reach.


4. Rapzilla.Com’s 15 Freshmen of 2018

Rapzilla.com Freshmen 2018

Summary: The Rapzilla.com staff looked at around 50 new artists on the radar for our Rapzilla.com Freshmen Class of 2018. We narrowed down the list to the 15 artists that we think are going to lead the way.


5. College Kids React To NF And The Results Might Surprise You

NF concert photo

Summary: Something important happened yesterday and it’s a reminder of how music can be used to touch the lives of others even though they may think differently. College kids reacted to NF.


6. 15 Christian Hip-Hop Artists Every Fan Should Know

15 Christian Hip-Hop Artists You Should Know

Summary: Over the past 10 to 15 years, artists of different styles and messages have risen up and stamped their influence on Christian Hip-Hop. These 15 artists are ones that every fan should take their time to listen to and be knowledgeable about their contributions to Christian music.


7. What Does NF’s Tour With Logic Mean For Christians?

NF Perception

Summary: NF is undoubtedly one of the biggest artists in the world right now. If you peel back that onion a little further, he might be in the top 5 Christian artists right now. Take one more step, and NF is the biggest Christian rapper of all-time…


8. Marty Of Social Club Misfits Shares The Truth About Touring

Eric K. Thomas (theqgentleman.com)

Touring is complicated and not everyone is capable of handling it. Here are five thoughts I put together for artists (indie or signed) who might need some help. Let it be known I’m not an expert, I don’t have all the answers. I’m still learning myself. The purpose of this article is to challenge you and for some, it will be a very hard reality check.


9. Christian Hip-Hop Pushes Emo Rap To A Positive Narrative

Lil Peep, XXXTENTACION , Mogli The Iceburg, Kid Tris

Summary: Emo rap’s outspoken nature, particularly in regards to mental health issues, should serve as a nudge to Christians. Artists such as Mogli The Iceberg, Kid Tris, and any artist bold enough to speak out about the topic of their emotions are leading the charge.


10. 5 More Dope Christian Clothing Brands You Should Look Out For

God is Dope

Summary: Why not look fashionable while strutting for God? These five Christian clothing brands aim to make you shine bright for God and keep you with the trends.


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