What does Th3 Saga have in common with Mike Tyson? They both have beaten opponents effortlessly in one round. In the past few days, a pair of battles dropped showcasing Super Saiyan Saga, as he continues to rack up the W’s. This new Saga has shown a Killer Instinct that would give TJ Combo second thoughts.

The first battle features Sensei Saga squaring off against Rush Tyg for Gates of The Garden. The Horseman kicked it off first, transforming the room into a scene from Creed with punch after punch. Check the battle below.

The second saw Saga face off with up and comer Swift Millie for CGBL’s Holiday Homicide 2 event. This ironically described what happened in the matchup. The race most certainly was not given to the Swift, and neither was this battle. Watch the battle below.

Can Th3 Saga be stopped?