2019 Rapzilla Freshmen Nominees

Readers’ Choice: 2019 Rapzilla Freshmen Class Ballot (Vote Now)

Hello Rapzilla Readers and Artists, it is time. Christmas is over, the New Year is imminent, and the Rapzilla Freshmen for 2019 will be named!

Every year we make a list of around 50 candidates and whittle it down to 40, 30, 20, and finally 15. It’s never easy. Sometimes we miss people. Sometimes an artist we pick fizzles out, but most of the time, these artists become the future faces of Christian Hip-Hop.

For the second year in a row, we are allowing the readership to have a bit of say in who is selected. In case you don’t see a name on the list, feel free to write them in.

Please note, that due to the nature of streaming and the frequency of songs released, we had to change up the process a little. There were artists who technically fit the normal requirement of a Freshmen but maybe released 50 songs in the last two years. That’s a lot of material. There will also be people left off the list that may be deserving of a nomination this year but we felt that their 2019 will be much better than their 2018. So keep that in mind when sorting through the choices.

Artists on our radar for Rapzilla.com’s 2019 Freshmen Class are:

Aaron Dews, A.i, Adriansings, Aklesso, Austin Lanier, Bachi, Chris Soul, Corey Wise, CZAR Josh, Don Ryvcko, Grant Benjamin, J-Phish, Jaylon Ashaun, Jon Keith, Kamban, Kid Tris, King Chav, KORBVN, Kyle Ringer, Paul Russell, Peabod, PoetiCS, Ray Emmanuel, Rhomar Jessy, Seni, Shepherd, Torey D’Shaun, TROSSTHEGIANT, Wande, and Xavier Sorrow.


*The results of this poll will not determine who makes our final Freshmen Class list.


Written by Steven

Steven is Christian Hip-Hop's Wizard of Oz, breaking more unsigned talent than anyone you know.

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