Christian hip-hop producer Poetics was recently on the Survival of the Artist Podcast. He spoke about approaching artists for his tracks, working with KJ-52, Derek Minor, and Canon, and how he got his start.

Poetics started out as a rapper but admitted he wasn’t very good. He took an internship at Rocketown in Nashville and began working on his producing chops. He befriended RMG’s Doc Watson, Derek Minor, and Canon. He didn’t immediately tell them he was working on producing.

As he began showing people his beats, it was Canon that told him to keep working because he had potential. Eventually, he’d drop the track “Nino Brown” with him.

It was also a DM to KJ-52 that helped Poetics feel like he was becoming something as a producer. The producer sent the rapper a bunch of beats, and KJ responded with a whole game plan of how he would use them.

Listen to Poetics in More Detail Below: