Rapper noble continued with his string of solid releases with the single “God.” It’s available for Free Download.

“This song is inspired from a state of anxiety. With media constantly in my face via social media/ tv networks/ etc. it’s just easy to lose sight or focus on our purpose for living,” he said. “The world wants us to focus on everything but our God Jesus Christ and this song was crafted to grab the attention of the lost and hopeless. It’s like getting pulled away from your parents in the middle of a big city due to all the hustle and bustle. The lights-the people- the sounds-the distractions-the WORLD and God is our Heavenly Father letting us know that if we just focus on Him everything is going to be alright. All we need to do is cry out to him and seek his presence. He will give us peace and a satisfactory purpose.”

Listen to Noble Below: