NF Dominates TikTok App as Much as the Stream Charts

It is well known that the rapper NF has a ravenously loyal fanbase. This is evident by the tens-of-millions of streams he does a month and continuous charting of his albums. He has broken ground where a lot of people had not gone before, and now that pathway includes social media apps like TikTok.

For those who don’t know what TikTok is, it’s a social media app similar to Vine and Dubsmash. The app allows users to add music or other audio to their video, where many people take to acting out songs or scenes. Users can edit and manipulate the videos in a variety of ways to make it fun. Then, of course, followers can comment or add a heart if they “like” it.

According to CNN Business, the app has been downloaded 800 million times globally and over 80 million times in the U.S. alone.


Now, as you can see by the picture, NF’s song “Intro III” off of his last record Perception has become extremely popular on the app. Over half a million users have created a TikTok video using the song. The social media stars and brothers, Cash and Maverick Baker aka cashandmav, participated in the trend posting a video on each of their pages with a combined total of 9 million followers.

Watch a compilation video of the NF – Intro III TikTok videos below:

In the videos people are acting out the scene of the song that centers around these lines:

We gon’ dig a hole, kill the track, and prolly put a beat in it

Rap about it for like three minutes
Aye, that’s pretty deep, isn’t it?

Wait a minute, you don’t really think for a second that you’re puttin’ me in this?

No, of course not, just a lil’ deeper then we’ll go inside and we can stop diggin’ Woo!

You had me scared for a second, I thought we were diggin’ my grave
We did, what, you don’t like bein’ afraid?

It’s a dose of your own medicine
What, you don’t like how it tastes? describes the meaning of the song as this,

“On “Intro III,” NF talks about his old fears and describes the changes he has made to conquer them. At the end of the track, NF realizes that he can’t fully destroy his fear, because it is the root of most of his problems.

NF described the track as the second part of 2015 title track, “Mansion” and how it’s a continuation of the third verse, which dealt with fear. “Intro III” was first announced through NF’s Twitter account, then confirmed by his song, “Outro.”

“Listen to Intro III, trying to kill my fear
They’ll get that in a minute”

In an Instagram Live, NF described that “Intro III” was the hardest song he has ever attempted to write, taking him over two weeks to finish the song.”

Via Twitter NF posted this about the song,

You can listen to the whole NF song below:

Similar to the K-Group BTS and Trip Lee’s “Manolo” phenomenon that we discovered and reported on. You can see that TikTok is referenced in multiple top comments on the above video.

For right now, it seems NF will keep adding up the plays on multiple platforms. Every move by him and his team is calculated and centered around his brand. Perception was 2018, so expect his foot on the pedal for 2019 with the return of another album.

Justin Sarachik and Steven Solis wrote this article. 

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