J-Phish Dissects Latest Three Singles & Hints at New Music

J-Phish has had a productive year, releasing an album and a few singles. We talked with Phish and he explained what went behind his latest three singles: “Get Some” ft. ISeeYouKev & Corey Wise, “Bless a Savage” ft. Xay Hill, Jeff Cabreja, & Tre’Gadd, and “How About Now.”

Get Some ft. ISeeYouKev & Corey Wise

“[ISeeYouKev] had never released a producer single before. So my suggestion was ‘Hey bro, let’s get you on the map’. Really, it’s his song, I just released it because I have more of a platform than he does. Corey is just a good friend, so I hit him up for a verse. Me and Corey were opening for Canon for one weekend, and we were like ‘Bro, we got to get the song out before that show so we can perform that song live’. We released it the day before we opened for Canon, and then we performed it live as a transition between his and mine set.”

Bless a Savage ft. Xay Hill, Jeff Cabreja, & Tre’Gadd

“We didn’t have a ton of thought behind that. I had just sent a beat. I’ve produced a lot of beats, but I really like this one for a reason. There’s a long beat and a hook on top of three different verse sections.

I wasn’t feeling writing a ton of verses for this. Those [features] are my homies. They are all local, except for Xay. Xay has been obviously doing a lot of big things. He and I have probably done six or seven songs together, about four or five of them are released, so we work together a ton. Tre’Gadd is an up and coming artist, so keep an eye out for him. He’s a local of mine and he is super talented. He just hasn’t released a lot of music yet. Jeff is the same way. He is from Reading, and he hasn’t released a lot of music.  Tre’Gadd was like ‘Yo, Y’all want to do this song’? They all eagerly were like ‘Yes’! Xay actually came up with the concept because he came up with the hook for the song. We put that out, and it did pretty well.”

How About Now

“Derek has low key announced his beat store, but he really didn’t promote it at all or anything like that. Not a lot of people knew about it. I actually talked to PoetiCS, he’s a good friend of mine and caught wind of that beat. I went to go check it out and I fell in love with that. With his beat store, you have the opportunity to lease them. So I guess I was one of the first artists to do that, but I jumped on that opportunity.

The way that song came out was actually super dope. I wanted an amazing concept for it. If I don’t have a concept, I don’t want to write a song just for no reason. I’m the type of artist who loves songwriting. I write 100 percent of all my songs. But I didn’t have anything solid [for this song]. I was up in Long Island, New York, some months ago with ISeeYouKev and King Chai. We were just working on some music for next year – my album next year which they produced a lot of – and we were getting some of that right. I showed them that beat and they were like ‘Yo, oh my gosh, that hits so hard’.

It was pretty late on a Friday night. I had random inspiration because I got hit up from somebody who’s like ‘Bro, your music’s killing it. I see you have all these streams’, and whatever. There was a moment with that same guy, who hit me up and was saying things when I first started music – he was the biggest hater like ‘Why are you doing hip-hop? You’re a white dude from suburbia, you’re wasting time bro’. I just had this thing where I was like ‘how about now’? He’s asking about it now, and he’s listening to it all. The same guy that was discouraging me back in the day. ‘How About Now’ is directed at those kinds of people in an edgy way of ‘Hey, you guys weren’t really with it at first. how about now?’

I wrote that entire song, the hook, and my two verses, in an hour. We recorded and mixed it right then and there.”

Since J-Phish dropped three singles before releasing both his albums 39 and New Kings, Rapzilla asked whether he was going to release an album soon.

“We had planned [to]. I recently got with a start-up record label called Enoch Flow Records. The owner’s name is Ted Ricci. He chose me as his flagship artist to start up the label. He completely funded and helped me with ‘How About Now’. That was the first song we released in conjunction.

We had planned to drop an EP this year actually under his label and then wanting it to be the best it could possibly be and keep making sure we are making steps forward, that got scratched. With the new trajectory, we will have a few more singles out before the next full project, but the next full project is worth waiting for. It’s nothing like what we have put out. We don’t have a date yet [for its release]. I would guess March or April.”

Download his three singles for free: Get Some ft. ISeeYouKev, Corey Wise; Bless a Savage ft. Xay Hill, Jeff Cabreja, Tre’Gadd; and How About Now.

Look out for our next article with J-Phish, as we dive deep into the man himself! 


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