Aaron Cole spoke to Rapzilla.com at length about his monumental 2018. In the first part of this interview, he spoke about his songwriting prowess. In part two, he talked about not being down with “the foolery” in Christian hip-hop. Now, in part three, he’s going to break down every song he released this year. (Except for “The Other Side,” he does that in part two).

*The rest of this article will be in Aaron Cole’s own words. The title of the article references what Aaron Cole says about the song “Mama Said.”

“Off My Back” talks about my year and everything I was going through. [It’s about] situations with an old relationship. She was trying to be best friends with my little sister to try and come back in our lives. That was a toll on me because my sister was being manipulated. My parents are going through a divorce – that was going on. I was just feeling stagnant like, ‘What’s going on? Am I going to be what everyone was saying I’m going to be’? I had doubt in my heart. I wrote it in 30 minutes, I was just going through it.

“Motions” is a fun one. I was getting to that place where I got off tour and a bunch of people hit me up and I was struggling with motive and trusting people. A lot of people who said they were on my team for the long haul bounced. There was a girl hitting me up…I didn’t know who to trust with that, all that.

“Down Like That” – I was dealing with all that. I was questioning my heart, my calling, what my career was going to be. As you know I’m going back in forth with singing and rapping. If I’m being honest, doing the pop stuff, that’s a blessing. I got billboards, I got plaques because of that mug. It’s crazy but at the same time, I love hip-hop and me staying in that same sound is hard. I got this new sound that’s kinda like pop but it’s hip-hop with it. Me questioning people speaking over my career. I ain’t going down like that, I was born for this. I’m just reaffirming myself. I think people can relate to that. God has a plan for them, God has a purpose for them, and he made each and every one of them for a reason.

“Yo hands” was a really fun one. As we were driving toward Atlanta to shoot the “Off My Back” shoot, it was me and Cole [Walowac] in my 2007 Burgundy Saturn. We drove to Atlanta and made that whole song in the car.

“Exclusive” is about…at the time, I was praying for a girl that God has for me. A lot of girls are trying to hit me up. It was basically me praying for the right one and saying how I’m going to treat the right one. It was a song that’s prophetic because I met a girl and everything I said in “Exclusive” she is.

“Promise Land” was one of the first ones I wrote for Cole Season. Basically, what was going on at that time, all the stuff with the cops, I don’t even know which time it was. I remember really thinking about how a lot of people were writing songs about police brutality and I wanted to do it in a different way and just tell the story.

The first verse talks about that and the second verse is with people who go through bad circumstances. The question that I always get from people who have been through stuff like that, who say, ‘If God loves me then why am I in this place? If he’s real, then why am I here’? The answer is, ‘Yeah, God loves you. God’s ultimate reign is forever, but at the end of the day, we live in a day that there’s still sin’. They put all of this on God.

“Promised Land” was just bringing hope to people who are losing trust in the government, police, and those protecting us. Even though, I too, get scared if I get pulled over. And I believe Jesus has a plan and I stand on that because I stand on the word of God. Jesus is amazing and the Bible says ‘He knows the plans that He has for us’. His word remains true, no one can ever say Jesus has ever failed. My Jesus has never failed.

I talk to people all the time and they say, how do you know that, how do you believe in that? I still have that child like faith. If God says something, that’s what God is going to do. God’s word has been the same since the beginning of time. We still say that we believe in Jesus Christ and that He died for us and everything in His word is true.

“Mamma Said” – I wrote this song last year. I was going through that relationship – I tell this story during the live show. I was in a relationship that I should not have been in. The girl was from my home town. My dad was telling me ‘This is not it. This is not what God has for you’. I wasn’t listening. My dad was telling me to see God for myself and ask God to show me. Me being young, I said I did, but I didn’t. At that point in my life it was crazy ups and downs. I took a break but I would still sneak a text to her.

Then at Rock the Universe, we got ‘Hurricaned out’. We had to drive home and my dad was like, ‘Yo, I can be your dad, I’m always going to be here. But if you continue with this, I can’t be in business with you. I see where this is going and I see this is about to be destruction and you can’t see right now because you’re blinded and I can’t walk with you in that’. It got real for me but I was still dumb. When someone hears that they’d think, ‘Oh snap’.

I remember I woke up late the next morning and everyone was gone from my house…went to the bathroom, then came down to pray. ‘God if this is not what you have for me, I ask that you give me signs that show me that. I don’t want to pray for 40 days or 40 nights, I want to know right now’.

As soon as I said amen, I get a call from a dude who made my beats when I was 13 or 14. ‘Yo man, how you been? I had a dream about you last night. You were building a wall and on the other side of the wall was everything that you worked for your entire life, your career, family, everything. You were building it and it was keeping you away from everything. I don’t know if you’re messing with some girl you’re not supposed to, but God said stop’. But I was dumb and I was like whatever, what a coincidence.

I get another call from one of my spiritual advisors named EJ. He was checking up on me. I told him I was going through a lot. He said, ‘Even when you post her, I just get this weird thing in my spirit about her’. Maybe that’s why God asked me to call because you shouldn’t be in this. By the time I got off the phone, I was going to break up with her. Then my dad called and said my granddad said the same thing about getting out of the relationship. This is all the same day…

Then my mom calls. She’s my best friend. If my dad is the disciplinarian, my mom is my best friend. My mom let me do my thing, and then she sent me a text that said, ‘Aaron, God said no’. My mom texts me again, ‘God didn’t bring you this far to leave you’. As soon as I broke up with her, “Right on Time” came out.

When I was thinking about that, I wrote “Mama Said.” Trusting God’s plans are greater than our lives. It’s hard to trust things that you can’t see but worth it when you get to what God has for you. That’s a constant battle everyday just trying to trust things everyday. God always has better for us. He’s the creator of the universe, anything he says goes.

“Making History” was a fun one too. Not really a story behind it. It’s me having confidence in myself and me wanting to make history.

“Patient with Me”– I wrote this song on one break I had on Hits Deep tour. When I moved from Bristol and went on the tour, there was a bunch of people congratualtating me. One of those was a guy named Brett Rogers, RIP. He had hit me up and said, ‘Bro, I never knew that you took music this serious in High School. You’re actually making it, good stuff’. I hit him back and said I appreciated him.

Two weeks later everyone was hiting me up saying Brett got murdered. There was a fight and someone pulled out a gun. I remember at that time there was a bunch of hate that built up in my heart. I’m human, it’s natural. This person just shot a good friend of mine over some foolishness. I repented and asked God to forgive me and when I came home I had to write about that.

God gave me the perspective of, ‘All the time we ask for mercy because we aren’t perfect’. That’s the great thing of being in this family with God. He loves us so much that even when we have hate in our heart or are struggling with sin, He loves us the same. He gave us Jesus, it gives us the chance to tell this story. Thanking God for being patient with me. I get to have an amazing life because He is in my life. He gives me what I need to get through it.

Special shout out to Aaron Cole for being so open and honest. Be sure to catch him this winter on the Hits Deep Tour. Also, do yourself a favor and read part one and part two of this series.