One thing Aaron Cole prides himself in is being himself. He doesn’t look for anyone’s approval and is not trying to look cool. Aaron has a purpose in his motion and is willing to challenge himself to be great.

Cole took the time to break down all the songs he released this year, but this explanation of “The Other Side” was so good it needed its own article.

“The Other Side” was a double single that Cole released toward the end of October. It contained the songs “Einstein” and “Can’t Relate” featuring Th3 Saga and Kaleb Mitchell.

Aaron Cole

Cole said “The Other Side” is about when “you’re not popping” or in the “the circle.”

“When I dropped If I Can Be Honest, I’m not in that circle. I don’t know what’s going on,  I was just a young dude who grew up on Christian hip-hop,” he shared. “Then, when I got exposed to it, it was just kinda like maaaan, there’s so much stuff going on in this mug.”

He continued, “Some of the people who work over here, it’s not what you guys think. Whatever you think, if you’re holding anyone here to a standard, don’t. That’s safe for them, that’s safe for you. Don’t make any of us idols.”

Aaron said coming into music he was excited. He was stoked to work with all the people he admired and then realized, “I don’t mean nothing in here.”

“How I’ve been treated from some of the people that are over here, I’m like ‘Nah’,” he explained. “Honestly, if you pay attention, I rarely get love from O.G.’s in this game. I’m not complaining. Toby and Derek, that’s about it. Everyone else is kind of like my colleague.”

He continued, “And there’s a reason for that, I ain’t with the foolery. I’m not compromising, I’m in my own lane. You don’t ever see me just being with someone because it’s cool. I’m really in my own lane and I’m happy about that. I don’t have to be seen with anyone’s favorite rapper to know my worth to God. That’s the place I’m trying to stay. Still giving people God, still giving people my life, all of that, and giving people hope.”

He said that is the attitude behind the song “I Can’t Relate.” He can’t relate to all this “foolery.”

The song “Einstein” was Cole acknowledging that he’s in this place and needs to get out of there.

“I’m able to get my mom a car. I’m able to do stuff for my family. I can give my sisters $100 and I’m not boasting in that I’m just grateful that God brought me to this place,” he revealed.

Part of this gratefulness is him having confidence in the abilities God gave him. He’s boasting in the Lord.

“I’m young and whatever, but you can’t deny that every song I put out this year was a smash. I’m gonna say that. You put me up against the ‘best of’ and it’s up there,” said Cole. “It’s not to boast. It’s not to say anything but I know I put hard work into this thing. I came to the fact that I don’t care about what people think of me. I know I’m doing what God called me to do and when you do that, that’s when you’re happy.”

The 19-year-old artist said people, in general, need to stop comparing themselves to other people.

“When you start comparing your music to people, your relationships – you start comparing this and that, etc that’s when you start messing up. You can compare your relationship with God and be like, ‘That’s cool with me’ and you end up messing up yours because you compare.” 

He continued, “Then you start comparing your music. ‘Oh, their music ain’t that great, I don’t even have to do too much’. Then you start backtracking instead of elevating.”

Cole said to stay focused on what you have to do and what you do well.

“It’s how you continually get better and how you continually be one with God in your own space.” 

“We want God to do stuff for us but we never want God to do stuff in us.”

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