A. Ward is not of this world, and I’m not talking about John 17:16. In the latest release from Kracked Liberty Battle League, the IV Horsemen affiliate faced off against veteran Bill Collector in the main event of their Motown Philly Mayhem event.

Bill has been a mainstay in the culture for some time, using a mix of antics, humor, and aggression to win over crowds. However, none of that mattered in this battle. Ward overwhelmed BC in each round,  with his 3rdround almost causing me to throw my phone out of the car window. Even having homecourt advantage did little for Bill, as he proceeded to get washed like a new car. Bill had standout bars throughout, but not enough to win a round. Easy Bake Oven 3-0 for A. Ward, cause he cooked him the whole battle.

Watch A. Ward Below:

P.S. BullPen Battle League rapper Bad Newz, who battled Loso last march and has been building a relationship with the Horseman, was shot multiple times a few days ago but prayerfully survived. The IV Horsemen have started a Gofundme campaign. They are asking for donations to help with medical expenses as he rehabilitates. The money will also help with daily household bills as he is the breadwinner for his family. If you would like to make a donation, you can do so at the link here.