YP aka Young Paul dropped his heartfelt project Soul In the Shell. This is his second project of the year after he dropped Summer BARbarian in August. YP talks about the flesh being the shell our souls live in.

“Soul In The Shell is a spin-off from the animated series Ghost In The Shell,” said YP. “The storyline highlights how navigating through life in a fallen world without God is hopelessness. Our souls are trapped in these earth suits that the Bible calls the flesh.”

YP aka Young PaulYP aka Young Paul Tracklist:

1. Intro To Soul
2. Soul On The Block
3. Carlito Blays Skit 1
4, Hate The Shell
5. Sherlings & Timbs
6. Carlito Blays Skit 2
7. Pray & Hustle feat. Genaro Ortiz
8. Soul In a Shell feat. Genaro Ortiz
9. Carlito Blays Skit 3
10. Make a Difference
11. Save the Soul
12. Carlito Blays Skit 4
13. Forever
14. Soul in the Flesh
15. Soul On The Corner

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