Rapper Theo Blue released a music video for his song “I Swear.”

“This song is for those like me who struggle with abandonment and loneliness,” said Blue. “I hope the song encourages and blesses you wherever you are in your journey. And I hope you take time to pray and invite God into your transition.”

“I know the purpose of the song was to help me address how I was feeling about so many friends that I had lost over the years…kept moving and storing up the pain. I told them I was hurt but I never really sat with myself and just put it all together. This song was that.

But the weird thing was that when I played it back I realized that I wasn’t talking about my friends. I was talking about God and how I feel like He let me down. And, when I put it all on the line for Him, He didn’t come through for me.

I’ve grown from that space. But I don’t want to let people grow with me just yet. I want them to feel what I felt just in case they are still in that same spot in life – that spot where (whether it’s true or not) you feel like even God abandoned you. ‘”

Watch Theo Blue Below: