Smack URL recently released the latest battle from their secretly taped “Banned” closed room battle series featuring Th3 Saga going toe to toe with the G.I Joe ninja turned rapper, Snake Eyez.

Saga starts of the first round, letting the crowd and the viewers at home know that he is back and that he is going to be a problem from now on. The rounds were crafted beautifully, packed with punches that twisted my face up. Almost every bar from the Horsemen veteran had me wanting more. Even URL league owner Smack couldn’t hide how mean Th3 Saga came off in the first. His opponent Snake Eyez came back with crazy energy out the gate for his first verse. The performance and delivery were on point but outside of a few bars, nothing really stood out too much. Snake cut his round off earlier seemingly forgetting some of his material.

Saga’s second round started off slow but built up as the round went on. There were a few bars that may hit harder for some than others but the round as a whole was solid, with the exclamation point being that FIRE Kirk Franklin scheme. I almost broke out into “Do You Want A Revolution!” Snake came back with the disrespect from the jump. Eyez had a few solid bars but still had a lot of simple filler in this round. The stand out line of his whole round was a Cross Movement bar that even Saga acknowledged how hard it was. Snake finished this round early once again, with a voice that seemed to acknowledge that he lost this one. Both lost steam from the first, but Saga edged the round.

The third was a display of how much Saga’s pen has grown since his time away from the stage. I couldn’t help but smile in agreement as fellow Horsemen Loso bellowed out “Saga’s back” while standing behind his comrade. Cobra Commander’s third was sloppy and honestly was already out of gas after the opening bars, ending this battle with a whimper.

At the end of it, Saga came out with the clean 3-0 while crushing the head of Serpent on that Genesis 3:15. Duke, Roadblock, and Scarlett couldn’t have saved Snake Eyez from catching the L in this matchup. One interesting note from the battle was Saga’s mention of The IV Horsemen going against Snake and Nu Jerzey Twork’s crew, The Goonies. That’s something I’d do the Truffle Shuffle to see.

Watch Th3 Saga Below: