Ohio-based artist and producer Quinten Coblentz released a new single, “Another Day.”

Listen to Quinten Coblentz below:


Verse 1:

Another day, another demon
Another battle for my soul, always scheming
Trying to drag me down
I try to hide; they always track me down, yeah

I wish I could say that I’m ok now
I don’t know if I can find a way out
Running, but I’m slower every day now
Target on my back, they taking aim now, yeah

I keep fighting, but I’m scared I’m gonna fade out
Wish that I could catch a breather in a safe house
Feel like I ain’t got the words to even pray now
Used to win, but I ain’t got what it takes now

Wait, that’s a lie, that’s a lie
I know deep inside, you just messing with my mind
Why you gotta try to keep me tripping all the time?
Why you gotta try, why you gotta, ay


I know, I know that you want me stuck in the cycle
Hoping that I’ll bow down and die slow
But I won’t; no I won’t
I will never be a trophy on your shelf
Try to hold me, you won’t keep me for yourself
You think Imma fall for every lie you tell
But I won’t; no I won’t

Verse 2:

Another day, another season
Sometimes I really think you’re gone
And I’m feeling like I’m fine right now
But then you’re right back in my mind somehow, ay

You know you don’t scare me, but you’re crafty
Make me start comparing, that’s how you trap me
You start to convince me that I ain’t happy
Clouding up my vision, you’re so distracting

I’m walking on a tightrope, tightrope
Losing balance while you strike more, strike more
I don’t wanna give up my soul, my soul
But I’m really scared I might fall, I might fall

But I know that I’m not alone
This battlefield is not my home
Long as I have God on my side, Imma fight ’till I die
I am not threatened by any plan you devise, yeah

Hook 2x