Last year Sivion dropped his first project in nearly 5 years, Dark Side of the Cocoon. Today, he’ll be premiering the music video for his track “Darkness” on Rapzilla.

Dark Side Of The Cocoon is a record about struggle, uncertainty, failure, pain, and redemption. The overarching theme is “love” as seen through the lens of growth and patience developed from adversity and challenge.

Production is done by German beat-smith, Sebastian Hochstein of the crew, Scribbling Idiots.

“Though the butterfly lives a life of absolute freedom and beauty, the caterpillar enters the darkness of the cocoon faithfully holding onto the hope of attaining this same freedom. And so, each of us must enter the darkness of our own cocoon…,” said the rapper.

We did a two-part interview with Sivion. Part one talks about coming out of the “Dark Side of the Cocoon” and part two touches on his 20-year-career.

Watch Sivion Below: