Christian emcee Mission created the theme song for NBA team the Sacramento Kings. The story is kind of crazy how it happened and he took the time to explain to Rapzilla how it came to be.

“During a casual conversation with my mentor, he mentioned that I should write songs for NBA teams,” explained Mission. “Since we live in Sacramento he thought the Kings would be a great place to start. I thought it was a good idea but I kinda brushed it off and put it on the back burner.”

He said that months later a good friend of his sent him an application from the Sacramento Kings. The friend explained that the team was looking for entertainment.

“I was thinking this is a long shot so once again I brushed it off and put it on the back burner,” he revealed. “While on a trip to Canada I met a guy who is now a brother in Christ. He lives in the Bahamas but he was attending the same conference I wasn’t performing at.”

He continued, “Some time goes by and he ends up calling me. We had a great conversation that led to him praying and encouraging me. Before we hang up, he mentions the Sacramento Kings. He says ‘I don’t know why but the Lord keeps saying to me, ‘Sacramento Kings’.’ He told me I should look into it.”

Mission then told the friend about the application and the conversation with his mentor. The friend pushed him to pursue it but Mission yet again put it on the back burner.

“My manager calls me the next day and says you should make a song for the Sacramento Kings. At this point, I knew it was God trying to urge me to do it! That was four different people saying the same exact thing,” the rapper revealed. “I call up K.Agee and I tell him what happened and said, ‘Let’s go for it’. He said, ‘I’ve already been making the beat for it’. He sent me the beat the same day. I make the song the same day. I send it back to the guy who sent me the application, he sends it to his friend that works for the Sacramento Kings.”

Just two days later, The Sacramento Kings contacted him saying, “They’d love to use the song.”

“They also informed me that they get submissions all the time but this came across the desk at the right time! When God wants something to happen it will. Gods timing is perfect timing. Not my will but Your will be done. All of You none of me.”

Watch Mission and his song This is Sactown below: