Singer-songwriter Major, who dropped his debut album ‘XOXO‘ in 2015 as a Exclusive, released a new single “O.N.E.” on Friday.

Listen to Major below here:

Also available to buy here.


More than a ruby
You do something to me
Got a good heart, look like a star straight out a movie

Girl you know I gotcha,
Never letting go,
And I’ll be holding on, til my hands get cold

Oo girl ya fiya, I can’t deny ya
I kneel to pray, I ask the Lord how did I find ya
I’ll be singing bout you til I retire
Ain’t going down, I’ll pull us up, He take us higher

I’ll be there for you
When you need my love,
It’s no one else but you
You will be my love

I found the one one one,
I got the one one one (Repeat)

Girl I love you, like He love me
And I hope you don’t forget it
When times get rough, you got my love
And there’s one thing I forgot to mention


You are the one I want
I never let ou go
You not a 1 nite girl
I never let you go

I be there by your side
I never let you go
I peep down from the sky
I never let you go