DJ Efechto affected many lives inside and outside the realm of Christian hip-hop. He was a skilled DJ, a talented and well-known producer, and a burgeoning culinary master.

Countless artists, industry people, and fans shared their condolences online upon hearing the news. Now, all of these people can get together and honor his life.

Another great thing that was started, is a GoFundMe. The goal is for $25,000. So roughly $2,300 has been raised as of this writing.

“We, his friends and family would like to see his music, his cooking, and his legacy live on. We are asking for your support to:
1. Help cover costs to get him back home
2. Finish the Next Bridge Beat tape he was working on
3. Just be a blessing to his family.”

Check out the link here.

Take a look at DJ Efechto in action below: