RMG’s Canon is gearing up to release his new project Home. The album will be available for preorder on November 20th and drop on December 7th.


“We spend time building. Sometimes it feels like it’s for others. But God sees you. I’m now focused on my own home. I’m not thinking about someone else’s home, I’m thinking about my own. This is where God has me. This is where I feel most myself. I want people to feel proud about what they have. If you have little or much, there is hope. The comparison game tears down houses. If there’s anywhere you belong, it’s home,” said the rapper.

The project will feature production from Young Side Chain, Swade, K Diamond, Canon himself, and more. Some of the features include Derek Minor, Aaron Cole, Byron Juane, and Tony Tillman.

He and Derek just finished up the It’s Not A Game Tour.

Listen to Canon Below:

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