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5 Up & Coming Battle Rappers Making a Name for Themselves

5 Up & Coming Battle Rappers Making a Name for Themselves

For the past few years, the IV Horsemen have been putting their foot on the proverbial neck of the battle rap culture. From A. Ward on King Of The Dot & Th3 Saga on URL, to Street Hymns and Loso on Bullpen Battle League, each emcee broke new ground in the most popular leagues in the sport before coming together like the apostolic Avengers. Now that the IV Horsemen have begun to pave the way, there are few up and coming Christian Battle rappers to keep an eye on.


Cobbins is nice, like Mary Poppins having a picnic with Mr. Rogers nice. He has been cosigned by the majority of the Horsemen and YourWelcome Shon (pka Ki’Shon Furlow) as next up. This Kansas City emcee has been killing it on the Konnects Battle League. Not only is his pen top notch but his rebuttal game might be just as crazy as A. Wards. That’s dangerous for anybody he stands in front of. Check out the rebuttal in the second round below and see for yourself.

Ace Boogie

The newest believer on the Bullpen roster has been nicknamed “The Bible Bully,” and for good reason. Ace Boogie comes out the gate going 0 to 100 real quick, with an aggressive delivery, mixed in with a southern twang, solid punches and a dose of that “real talk.” Having battled on the Atlanta based Bullpen Battle League as well as KOTD’s GZ League and The Konnects, Ace is  set on making his own mark in the battle culture.

Joe Waters

Joe is far from your average. After making it to the final round of Verizon’s #Freestyle 50 championship late last September, Mr. Waters has made it his mission to drown the game with his witty flow and razor sharp delivery. The Tampa FL based emcee recently had his first battle in ETD Battle League. This is where Loso started making noise as well. After witnessing how easily Joe destroyed his opponent, its clear as day that Joe Waters is ready to wash whatever competition is put in front of him.


ZM is a legendary monster in the battle rap scene. From battling live on Philly’s 100.3 the beat, winning 46 nights straight back in 2006, to battling Iron Solomon on MTV2’s Fight Klub, to squaring up with  a proverbial “whose who” of battle rap in GrindTime, Don’t Flop, and KOTD over the years, ZM is the furthest from being a rookie on this list. However, all that happened before he became a believer and surrendered his life to Christ. Now, after a 3-year hiatus, ZM has made his comeback to the culture, starting Kracked Liberty Battle League in the city of brotherly love. Check out his highly anticipated return to battle rap the stage hosted A. Ward!

Overflow Rap League

If Christian rappers where X-Men, Overflow would be the Danger Room. The Connecticut based battle league is one where believers face off against one another in a way that helps sharpen the competitors. It’s helping them get prepared to step out into the secular battle culture. This is no flag football game either, as the lyricist come with hard-hitting bars that challenge, crush and convict all in the same round. These brothers got some dope pens in their roster. A few battlers to look out for would be Sinai, Voice The Poet, Lee Majors, and Angel.


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