A Rapzilla.com premiere, CZAR Josh releases a music video for “Black Boy Joy,” from his debut EP ‘For Your Heart’.  The Killawatts-produced track shows Josh displaying pride in being a young African-American man in today’s society. Black Boy Joy finds CZAR Josh and Miami-based artist Aklesso navigating the town of Lynchburg showcasing local black-owned businesses and organizations. Staying true to his unapologetic message, CZAR Josh provides a self-empowering anthem to others who look him with Black Boy Joy. Josh states, “…I want people to be proud to be black. We’re a special group of people.”

Watch CZAR Josh below:

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CZAR Josh, is a southern hip hop artist out of Lynchburg, Virginia, but raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Born with a severe speech impediment, he strives to highlight the social ills of life while expressing himself as a black man in America. All-the-while sharing his faith and his heart in every song. Despite his love and passion for music, he strives to go above and beyond the art in order to create opportunities for others. He strives to fight racial and social injustice, and to share love.