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Producer Spotlight: Who is lucyclubhouse?

Producer Spotlight: Who is lucyclubhouse?

The Rapzilla Beat Battle gave everyone the opportunity to witness some of the best up and coming producers in the genre. Today, we’ll be focusing on the winner of the full event. She held it down for both the females and the young people with her victory. Her father is also Deepspace5’s Sivion.

Tell us a bit about yourself. How’d you get into producing and what’s your goal?

My name is lucyclubhouse and I’m a 14-year-old producer from Dallas, Texas. I started making music when I was six, but really dove into it when I was about nine or so. I started out playing the drums before I got into producing. My biggest goal in my career is that I hope to empower and inspire the youth! I want to help give the youth a voice and confidence to do whatever they want to do!

Do you have a specific style or genre that you work in?

I really enjoy making Dance music! Trap & hip-hop is cool, but I think it’s really fun to make Dance beats. I’m heavily inspired by Electronic producers like Kaytranada, GEOTHEORY, Virtual Self, & Pomo to name a few.

What has been the biggest beat placement you’ve received so far?

About two years ago, I got the opportunity to work with Coco Jones from Disney Channel. Even though the placement happened through email, it was a very cool experience seeing a song created from the ground up!

Who are some artists you’d like to work with?

Buddy, Andy Mineo, Kaytranada, Beam, John Mayer, Jon Bellion, Anderson.Paak, Tyler, The Creator, & KYLE. Those are my top, but there’s many more on this list.

How was the experience of the Rapzilla beat battle?

It was super exciting! The atmosphere was awesome and I’m glad we had such amazing judges. All of the producers that competed were super dope, and Egomi was definitely my favorite producer in the battle. He killed it! I was very shocked that I won, and honestly, didn’t think I was going to based on what everyone else brought to the table. Also, Fun Fact: I ALMOST didn’t have enough beats for the battle. I had to go through my google drive backstage to find more beats to play.

Did you learn anything from performing beats live and competing?

I learned that I really want to get into DJing now. Being able to move a crowd with that kind of energy is crazy to me. That’s definitely something I want to start doing in the future. And I also realized that nothing can bring people together like music can. I loved seeing the crowd participate and really engage with us.

What’s the best advice, if any, that you received at the battle?

Mixes are equally as important as your production! I’m now going to work on getting all of my beats to sound really good sonically so they can knock! And, that’s kind of an on-going process and something I’ll always strive to improve on.

What’s next for you?

I have an EP dropping soon and a lot of other stuff in the works. I don’t want to give TOO much away, but I think people will really enjoy what I’m about to release. Stay tuned!

Click here to see what lucyclubhouse is working on.


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