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Producer Spotlight: Who is JuiceBangers?

Producer Spotlight: Who is JuiceBangers?

The Rapzilla Beat Battle afforded everyone the opportunity to witness some of the best up and coming producers in the genre. Today, we’ll be highlighting one of the participants, JuiceBangers. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve seen this name a lot. He’s worked with everyone from KB, Derek Minor, Swoope, WHATUPRG, and more.

Tell us a bit about yourself. How’d you get into producing and what’s your goal?

I started to make music from one day seeing my older brother make music. I was jealous at the time because he was so good at it and could do things to a song that would make me want to learn more and more every day about it. So one weekend I started to learn and eventually produce my own unique style of music. A goal of mine in the future is to be a classical composer, write my own music, and to even direct symphonies.

Do you have a specific style or genre that you work in?

I don’t necessarily have a specific style because I can make just about any style of music. But I would say A mixture of Trap, and Pop.

What has been the biggest beat placement you’ve received so far?

I think it was when I got to work with my homie, Tobi Lou. I produced “Buff Baby” for him and now it’s really taking off!

Who are some artists you’d like to work with?

I would say Jon Bellion, Travis Scott, Ty Dolla $ign, Toby Mac, Lauren Daigle, Christon Gray, Natalie Lauren, James Fauntleroy, Tauren Wells, HER, Bryson Tiller, Pj Morton, Trip Lee, J. Balvin, Drake, SABA, and Jaden Smith.

How was the experience of the Rapzilla beat battle?

The beat battle experience was amazing. It was dope just being able to connect with artists and producers and A&R people as well. Also, being able to go head to head against producers is thrilling and fun. You’re going up against producers who are really trying to prove that they have what it takes to be a threat in the industry for years to come. And this year was special because everybody came with fire and the smoke!

Did you learn anything from performing beats live and competing?

I think it was just that the next time I participate in a beat battle, I would need to come with more high intensity, battle type beats instead of track-formatted Beats. I learned the crowd really loves the beats that aren’t so formatted to a track flow but as in a surprise in the beat every 5 secs. I’ll definitely be ready for the next battle for sure!

What’s the best advice, if any, that you received at the battle?

I think it was just to “keep going, don’t stop because you’re there. Now it’s only a matter of time.” I know it’s all about patience in this game no matter how bad you want it because your time may come sooner than you know.

What’s next for you?

I may be secretly working on an album to drop next year. And I’m still working on beats because the GRIND DONT STOP.

To hear beats by JuiceBangers, click here.


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