Phil The Voice is set to release his sophomore album ONE Nov. 8.

Phil’s debut-album #LoudandClear is almost entirely his own production and rapping. ONE is loaded with a full clip of veteran CHH artists and producers such as Japhia Life, R-Swift, and Tee Wyla. Even OnBeatMusic jumped on a joint!


1. Harpo
2. The One ft. Prince Purposed
3. American Sniper
4. Not My President
5. Wolf Boy
6. Eye Saw The Son
7. Ego Trippin
8. Never Give Up ft. Je’kob Washington
9. Crickets
10. You Ain’t MURS Understanding Me!
11. What You Sippin’ On ft. R-Swift & Young Joshua
12. One Day ft. Von Won
13. Alive And Free ft. Japhia Life, Mario Solis, & Prince Purposed
14. Salutations ft. Mikah Roberts
15. One, I’m Out

Listen to Phil The Voice’s single “Ego Trippin'” here.