Rap newcomer Noah Schatz dropped his new single [simplyput] featuring singer Danielle Apicella.

“A lot of times I focus so much on the future that I end up missing out on what’s around me in the present,” said Schatz. “And that comes from wanting to have a sense of control. this song is about letting go and realizing the beauty of life is in the mystery of it all. it’s about surrender.”

He continued, “I wrote it my senior year of high school and everyone in that time is being forced to come face to face with their ‘purpose’. So I guess another reason I wrote it was to try and help people my age realize like it’s okay to not know. Purpose isn’t based off a one-time decision and greatness isn’t something to be achieved. It’s already instilled in us by the creator of the universe. So stop worrying and just live. Life is complicated and that’s okay.”

Listen to Noah Schatz Below:

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