South Florida-based collective Ecclesia released a new Trap and House fusion single, “Baptized in Fire.”
“The song is an echo of Matthew 28:19 and Isaiah 6:8. It is a call to action to reach a dying world, whether that be through overseas mission or here to our neighbors.”

Listen to Ecclesia below:

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There’s a generation on the verge

Of seeing a great move of the Lord

A remnant raised up for this reason

But which of us are gonna step us and seize it

Many are called but few will go

May I always say yes never no

God I burn to be apart of what You’re doing

So I’ma move out of your way so You can move


(Send me)

I wanna be your disciple

I wanna be a worker in the coming revival

(Send me)

I wanna reap in the harvest

I can’t get enough of You come fill me up i’m starving

(Send me)

(Send me)


I will lead them to the cross and to salvation

Open up their ears to the longing of creation

I see your body standing up into formation

Every tribe and every tongue and every (nation)

There is freedom breaking out of the cages

There is beauty rising up from the ashes

I see Jesus in the eyes of masses

It’s the time to see the church in action


We receive

The power

Of Your Spirit

Upon Us

Amen, Amen, Amen (2x)

We will go and make disciples

We will go baptize them in the fire (2x)

Produced by Andrew Padilla and John Johnson.
Songwriting credits: Andrew Padilla, Sarah Elkins, Stephanie Barrera