God Over Money rapper Datin was on the Survival of the Artist Podcast. He spoke on his beginnings in battle rap into how he became a Christian rapper. Along the way, he shared anecdotes about coming through the industry, GOM, and creating his own label – Menace Movement.

The emcee ran the gamut of his career starting with the first rap he ever wrote, which he recited. (15:30 mark).

He also explained how a chance encounter with MC Jin got him into battle rap which eventually brought him to TV to 106 & Park. (22-minute mark).

“I end up in a mansion in one of Quincy Jones’ mansions with his nephews. They wanted to sign me. That was the first major label.” (24-minute mark)

Then he started getting courted by labels, including Shady. He was bouncing back and forth trying to get the best deals with Columbia and Def Jam.

In addition to all this, Datin then explains how he got from there, to where he is now.

Listen to Datin Below: