Andy Mineo has teamed up with magician Jim Munroe and Be The Match Registry for the campaign “Make Cancer Disappear.” The campaign is to challenge people to become a donor and supporter of blood cancer patients.

Be The Match Registry is a nonprofit organization that has a list of registered people willing to participate in a blood transplant with patients with blood diseases.

Jim Munroe is a leukemia survivor. Doctors couldn’t find a match to Munroe’s blood from a family member. They proceeded then to look for a match from the Be The Match Registry. Only one person out of nine million people on the registry could help Munroe.

Mineo himself has a grind against blood diseases: his mother, Fran Mineo, died in September from leukemia. No one from Be The Match matched Fran’s blood, so she could not get a transplant to cure her.

Watch Andy Mineo Below: