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Ada Betsabé – Lottery ft. Niko Eme

Ada Betsabé – Lottery ft. Niko Eme

Ada Betsabé released a music video for a new Spanglish Trap single, “Lottery” featuring Niko Eme.

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Verse 1:
Me gane la lotería
El día que supe quien soy yo…
(Hija de Dios)

No quiero lo negativo
Como cámara de rollo
(You already know)

While Y’all stand around like
Corner store KENO
We break bread sip wine
That’s vino

y no tenemos tiempo que perder
voy a salir con más grasa
Que una orden de los chinos
Ooh homie what it do?
Spent ya whole life chasing green
Got you blue

Counterfeit power
Cuz it’s really just paper

Can’t pay ya way
Outta meeting your maker

They so salty, putt’ em in a shaker
Son ’em all with the flow
This day care (curr)

Got Angels all around me
Like a Laker

You can take take it all
But my soul, can’t take her.

I feel like I just won the lottery
(no ticket, sin ticket)
Yo won’t get no negative out of me,
(you hear that?)
Crickets, Shh…

Verse 2:
I’m feeling limitless, no pills
he already paid I got no bills
AC don’t work we got no chill
but you know the flow, it’s cold still

Killing this beat, massacre
Got em all looking like how is this possible
triple A rated like we on the honor roll
they tried to buy me, I found it comical.
Listen, I was a prodigal
Now you all hearing my story like audible
If I see fake on they face, then I’m not involved
I’m deep in these waters like cannonball
Yup, we already won.
All hits, no miss
Had to go MIA, played cards right
now no one on on the corner got a pocket like this.

Repeat Chorus


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