Aaron Cole continues releasing his series of singles with “Making History,” produced by Soul Glow Activatur (Family Force 5).

Cole will be joining Toby Mac on the HITS DEEP Tour. More info here.

Listen to Aaron Cole below:

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Okay I made it out my mama’s house
Grown man things now
Different wallk but the mission look same now
Lay it down nah I’ll lay down in my grave
I know I’m rare but it’s just too much up at stake
Give me faith
So I can walk through the valley
I got my people around me
Shakur the bag like it’s Cali just making moves
Like it’s 1999 it’s historic cause God making me to shine

This that Diana Ross singing with The Supremes
It’s Barack being the president you know what I mean?
This that Moses using the staff and parting the sea
This Mike hitting the moonwalk Billie Jean up on the screen
Like good ain’t good enough
The snakes ain’t killing us
I’m focused baby
You on That woulda coulda shoulda stuff
Put me in Guinness book he made this crazy
It’s just history baby

All the rumors that you heard is true
I’m the hype I’m the living proof
Don’t hate me cause He made me this crazy
It’s just history baby

We making history baby
Ain’t no mystery baby
We making history lately
Cause we the rookies of the year
All I see is devils in my rear