A premiere, New York-based female artist A.I releases her new single, “Miss Me” produced by Wxlfstealth.

Listen to A.I below:


Miss me with that (x2)
Go ahead and miss me with that (miss me with that)
Oh no i cant kick it with that
(I ain’t with that)
Go head and miss me with that
Miss me with that
At no time to waste (had to tell myself)
Quiet your complaints (had to tell my doubt)
Move out my way
Miss me with that

Verse 1

Steady pacing
Steady moving
Thats the way to go
I aint quitting
I aint give in
aint letting go
Its looking crooked
i aint swayed
ima keep it going
I feel broken
I feel lost
Bouta Brush it off
Keep it booking
Keep your fokusd
Keep it foward yall
I see you pushing
Keep pursuing
If you take a loss
Take ya doubt
Grab it by the neck
Tell it quiet down
Passion pumping
Go a head and flex

Fly up off the ground

And anything other than that…


Verse 2

Go getters
The type of people you should keep around you
Don’t be consumers
They always wanting but never have enough
Be producers
Be consistent
Doors will open up
And keep it loyal
Integrity it really means so much
Money manage
Make your profit
Let it make some noise
And quit complaining
Go find a way that you can to make some changes
What life you living?
If it ain’t true
Quit ya fairy taling
And Get your tail up
Make some moves
Grow from failing
Watch the winners
Take some notes
And don’t be jealous
Ask your questions
Learn something
Then go teach some lessons
Be about your business
Start and finish
You don’t need permission
Keep away from foolish intentions
Don’t let that lazy hit you
I keep me rooted in my faith
I keep my mission in my face
I got a vision i can taste
And i aint greedy with this steak
I aint afraid to share the plate
But if you aint about this weight
It plenty room up in this space
So go ahead and find your way

Miss me with that
Miss me with that
Fear coming
I cant kick it with that
Cant get it with that
Aint no time to waste
Told myself
Quiet your complaints
Told my doubts
Move out my way
Go ahead and miss me with that
Miss me with that


Written by Steven

Steven is Christian Hip-Hop's Wizard of Oz, breaking more unsigned talent than anyone you know.

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