Matt Chandler was one of the subjects of VICE’s new short documentary “What is the Future of Evangelicals?” They dropped a preview of the full episode on Facebook. The episode is sure to elicit a ton of responses from the Left and the Right, and everyone stuck in between.

The documentary isn’t necessarily divisive, but Chandler, a huge pastor that many evangelicals are familiar with, doesn’t represent the entire body of the U.S. church. Some will be upset and some will applaud his statements.

VICE discusses Conservative leanings, support for Donald Trump, and keeping this generation and the next engaged in the church.

Chandler does his best to answer honestly without seemingly dodging or making excuses. It is also evident by his unbelief that there are Conservatives that think Trump is someone of “moral” character that he operates in a different bubble or his church is not necessarily mostly Hyper-Republican.

Also important to note, is the full episode isn’t out on HBO yet. It is unclear what sort of angle or approach VICE is taking and where they go from Matt Chandler.

Watch Matt Chandler in the Clip Below:

A few years ago VICE & Noisey critiqued Christian music in the short film “I Saw the Light.”