RELLMUZIC released his first single/music video for the song “TELLA MAN” off of project Christian Music Album.

Christianity has brought me in a circle, a journey back to the beginning. A place where we’ve all been and probably left (some of us)…..a place many of us remember and some have forgotten. Remember when we didn’t know/care of different doctrine? Remember when we loved everything Christ relate? Remember when we found every reason to come together only to talk about God? Remember when the only thing we thought about was finding someone to help or preach the Gospel to? Remember when it all stopped? Without warning, some of our hearts slipped to the wrong place, maybe there was self gratification and Glory in our new good deeds….we discussed doctrine and gospel only to be right, proud of our own knowledge and nothing else, we became proud of our spiritual achievements while arrogantly glancing at our peers with condescension… We began using Christianity to create separation from those who we’re called to have relationship with and help save,” wrote RELLMUZIC.

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