Hip-Hop artist Kevi Morse is the type of guy you want to hang out with. He’s the type of artist who shows up at a venue and asks the staff how he can serve them. Kevi’s the type of dude who sees what Jesus did, and then says, “I’ll do that.”

In fact, when asked about who he is, he said pretty much just that.

“Kevi is an all around cool dude who loves Jesus and who is also culturally relevant and not afraid to talk about things that are currently going on,” he shared. “And I’ll still be a big brother to anyone in this thing we call CHH.”

The young emcee is wise beyond his years and truly knows what it means to live your best life.

“I started doing shows as an open mic rapper. Everywhere I go, I don’t want to sit in a green room. I spend a majority of my time networking with people,” he explained. “I’m not only an artist, but I’m also a DJ. How can I serve other people? You can’t explain what God was doing. You gotta try to be a better asset for people.”

Let’s break the fourth wall of this interview. During this 45 minute “interview,” Kevi and I mostly talked about the state of music, artists that are killing it, and what it’s like working for Rapzilla. It was kind of like two-friends (we never spoke before), catching up and shooting the breeze. When it was all said and done, Kevi asked me more questions than I did him. This is the type of person he is. He’s always trying to grow, network, and build. 

This year Kevi Morse was named as a Rapzilla Freshmen. It was an honor that was “kind of unexpected” for him.

I did not know music was going to take off for me,” he said. “Originally, I went to school for basketball. I stayed in my church for 6 months. Basically, lived there to get my project done. For the second project I had some experience, I was hungry.”Kevi Morse

As Kevi’s buzz started building, he became more elusive at the same time. Searching for the name “Kevi” on Google, Spotify, etc. became a tough task. “Kevi” was also turned into “Kevin.” More often than not, people would get stuck with rapper Kevin Gates.

So Kevi had to become who he’s always been, “Kevi Morse.” For him, it also became about being authentic to who he was.

Some of the ways he built a buzz was doing a crazy amount of features. Morse’s 2017 was Lil Wayne’s 2008. If you do 100 features in a year, you’ll set yourself up to drop your own stuff. In a roundabout way, it worked.

Toward the end of 2017 Kevi dropped the 15-track Barnabas. This record was deeply personal for him. He also said it was named as such because “Barnabas is the son of encouragement. He connected with everyone.”

Some of the names included as features were Reconcile, Steven Malcolm, Ruslan, and Joey Vantes.

Listen to Kevi Morse Below:

At the top of 2018, he and Torey D’Shaun teamed up for the EP Any Last Words?

The concept of the project was the story of two kids being abducted by the world and being held hostage. The names of the tracks are the last words they spoke. 

The emcee said there is a part two in the works and he has his own project that will be coming before the new year.

He is also starting to garner some label attention as well. “I’m praying I make the right decision.”

In addition to the new music on the way, Morse is revamping a clothing line – IAMCHRISTLIFE, and vlogging. He is currently on a second tour with Beacon Light. This time around, they are hitting 47-cities for the “Run Your City Tour.”

Watch Kevi Morse Below:

“This year will be a year to remember as far as artistry transparency and keeping it 100 that I need God the whole step of the way,” Kevi said.

So stay tuned, Kevi is just getting started!