Ike Hill and Cutright of the JustHis League Music Group are going on their second nationwide tour, visiting 300 schools in 40 states.

Lights On Poster

Their last tour, Realize Anything’s Possible, reached over 120,000 people and even received recognition from local government officials. There are countless stories about how they impacted students who thought about suicide, who were cutting, in poverty, suffering from depression, and how they helped them realize that there is hope beyond their circumstances.

The goal of this year’s tour, LIGHTS ON, is to let people know they are the light of the world and to activate that light to bring hope to their environment. This is a timely message for today because there is so much darkness surrounding our youth on a daily basis, in and outside of the classroom. The LIGHTS ON Tour will begin September 24, 2018, and will wrap up June 2019.

In addition to hitting 300 schools, they will be doing additional shows and are looking for artists in major cities and surrounding areas in the following states. If interested in participating and to find out when they’ll be in your area, contact them at justhisleague@gmail.com.

Dates and states (too many to list individually so here’s the months and states):

September: KY, TN, IL, MO

October: KS, NE, CO, WY, ID, WA, OR, OK, SD

November: OR, CA

December: CA, NV, NM, TX, AZ

January: NC, SC, VA, DE, MD, PA, NJ

February: NJ, NY, CT

March: NY, MA, NJ, PA,

April: PA, WV, OH, MI, IL, WI, IN,

May: MD, IA, RI

Watch Ike Hill and Cutright in action Below: