Chicago-based hip-hop artist Hector Dominguez released a new single featuring AC, “Human.”

The song tackles the idea that we (the body) should have a heart towards are brothers and sisters who may not have been “legally” born here in the United States.  The current climate of our country shouts that we should look pass their personhood and focus on their label. 

If you listen until the very end of the song, you will hear a conversation between my son and I, in hopes that it will help us understand what is really going on in our Nation.

No, Latinos are not stealing jobs, Latinos are not all Murders, Drug Dealers and Rapists, Latinos are not second-class citizens and Latinos have contributed in many astonishing ways to American History.  

All I want to do is share a different perspective. 

All I want to do is help share another Point of View”

Listen to Hector Dominguez below:

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