Gerry Skrillz, is getting ready to drop his next project – Hundred Proof.

Hundred Proof drops on October 5th and the pre-order will go live with the album’s lead single “I’m Focused” on September 14th.

Gerry SKrillz

Hundred Proof is about me understanding that I am a continuous work in progress and being comfortable with presenting myself as I am to the world. If God unconditionally loves and welcomes me as I am, then why would I ever front for anyone else?” said Skrillz about the record.

Gerry Skllz

Gerry Skrillz Tracklist:

1. Hundred Proof
2. Rain ft. Charles Goose
3.I’m Focused ft. OnBeatMusic and Chris Aye
4. Please Remind Me
5. No More
6. Can I Rest Now?

This project will be the second one released by Skrillz this year. In February he released Pray For Me.