Derek Minor & Canon are on the road co-headlining the It’s Not A Game Tour, so it only made sense to drop an exclusive song and music video! RMG gave Rapzilla with the premiere.

Grab this song tonight at midnight here.

Derek Minor & Canon Tour Dates:

Sept. 14 – Richmond, VA  w/ J. Monty
Sept. 15 – Shippensburg, PA  w/ J. Monty
Sept. 16 – Boston, MA  w/ J. Monty
Sept. 21 – Grand Rapids, MI  w/ J. Monty
Sept. 22 – Chicago, IL  w/ J. Monty
Sept. 28 – Rome, GA  w/ J. Monty
Sept. 29 – Atlanta, GA  w/ J. Monty
Sept. 30 – Jacksonville, FL  w/ J. Monty
Oct. 6 – Oklahoma City, OK
Oct. 24 – St. Louis, MO w/ Steven Malcolm, J. Monty

Oct. 27 – Springfield, OH  w/ J. Monty
Oct. 31 – Monroe, LA  w/ J. Monty
Nov. 2 – San Antonio, TX  w/ J. Monty
Nov. 8 – Waco, TX  w/ J. Monty