Datin dropped one of his most revealing songs yet with the music video for “Hell in the Hallway.” The song is the title track for his upcoming album and touches on the dissolving of his marriage.

“Less than a year ago, I lost everything. What seemed to be out of nowhere (at least to me), my wife asked for a divorce and checked out of our marriage. This is my story. Journey with me as I walked through this,” he wrote.

Watch Datin below:

The last release we’ve seen from GOM’s Datin is The Menace Mixtape in 2017. This next project was a surprise announcement last week.

“I got a confession to make ya’ll. I told you all that I was gonna drop an EP titled Hell In The Hallway this month…well, I lied. The truth is, I’m dropping a FULL ALBUM titled Hell In The Hallway this month. #GodOverMoney #MenaceMovement” he wrote on social media. 

Datin has originally said his new project would be called The New Ark. He clarified and said that project is still coming, but Hell in the Hallway jumped over it.