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Battle Rapper Disses Loso on New Record, Loso Responds in 24 hrs

Battle Rapper Disses Loso on New Record, Loso Responds in 24 hrs

It’s starting to feel like Outback Steakhouse over here! From Pusha T pulling the Maury card on Wheel Chair Jimmy to Eminem’s triple threat match with MGK and Joe Budden, the hip-hop game has had beef galore the past summer. Now with the season coming to a close, we have one more to add to the list: Nu Jerzey Twork vs Loso.

The beef between the two has been stewing in the battle rap Crockpot for some time now. Nu Jerzey Twork, who has grown to be one of the most popular rising stars on the URL stage, has issues with the face of Bullpen that stems from his own upbringing as the son of a pastor.

The two have been going back and forth on Twitter for months, with fans waiting for the matchup to be announced. However, with Twork needing the Heimlich¬†maneuver in his last few battles, that day looked to be far, far away….until 24 hrs ago.

Twork released a crazy diss record aimed at Loso’s credibility as a Christian in the battle rap, taking shots at his true motives for being in the culture, his use of gun bars in his rounds and several other accusations. The record was tougher than Buddy Lee jeans (and free of cursing at that) and had set the Internet on fire!

Listen to Twork below:

The ball was in Loso’s court and under section 867 of the Book of Hip Hop he had 24-48 hrs to respond…and respond he did!

In the wee hours of the night, Loso dropped his “The Lost Horseman” response, going in over Kanye’s “Jesus Walks” instrumental. The Bullpen star crushed that man’s heart with lines like, “Now she (Tworks mom) watch my battles to see what her son could’ve been!” Yikes!! Drop one of Flex’s bombs¬†for Loso saying how Twork mama really feel deep down on the inside!

Listen to Loso Below:

Both these records were solid in my opinion, with Loso having the harder hitting lines and Twork having the better beat and delivery.

Hopefully, we can get an actual battle out of this back and forth…and if they do Twork probably gonna bring his mama out on stage during the third…you heard it here first!

Who do you think won the first round?


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