YP aka Young Paul is closing out the summer with a mixtape entitled Summer BARbarian.

Purchase or stream here.

“The title is self-explanatory. It’s a summer project stacked with bars and freestyles. Your typical backpack rapper and hip-hop lover will find much enjoyment with this project, and, more importantly, its saturated with truth.”

It features classic east coast production from Stu Bangaz, WanderBeats, and Genaro Ortiz. With some blends by the one and only DJ I Rock Jesus.

“We wanna deliver a solid work of art with substance. Content-driven by the gospel with a transparent raw delivery. Real life, a real relationship with our Lord and Savior.”

YP aka Young Paul

YP aka Young Paul Tracklist:

1. The Recipe
2. Make It Work
3. Killer
4, Knocked Out
5. Half Dead
6. Getting Out
7. Dope Feen
8. Brutal
9. On His Way  ft, Confucious, Maple Hoodie, and Merk Montes
10. Corrupt Shell
11. Kings Hands ft. Selah The Corner