Ever since I first watched my father play Centipede on his Atari 2600, I’ve had a place in my heart for video games. Some of my favorite memories involved jumping on the backs of turtles and attempting to shoot electronic ducks out of the sky while an annoying dog snickered.  I couldn’t tell you how many quarters I spent at the laundromat playing Street Fighter 2Spider-Man: The Video Game, or Cruisin USA because at the time, like the rest of the world, I was in the Green Hill Zone.

Since the early days, the video game industry has evolved (unlike Pikachu) to heights never thought of. From 8 bit classics like Mega Man, Contra and Mike Tysons Punch Out, to 90’s classics like Earthworm Jim, Sonic The Hedgehog and Starfox, to recent titles such as Tomb Raider and Gears of War, the gaming industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. In 2017 alone, the 2.2 billion gamers generated 108.9 billion in revenue for that industry. So which game sold the most?

Top 5 Video Games:

5. Super Mario Bros. – Nintendo Entertainment System – 40.2 Million Sold

This one shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. This was the O.G game that put Nintendo on the map internationally after it debuted in 1985 as the game that was included with your NES. Remember when systems came with free games? Good times… Everybody and their mama has stomped on a Gumba a time or two before sliding down that pole. Today Mario is one of the most recognizable pop icons in the world. He even spawned a cringe of a movie that cast John Leguizamo as Luigi and Dennis Hopper as King Koopa. Mama Mia!

4. Wii Sports – Nintendo Wii – 82 Million Sold

Wii Sports also had the advantage of being bundled as a package when you purchased the Wii system. The game itself was like a jukebox of full of sports games. It went from bowling to boxing and allowed athletically inept players, such as yours truly, to stand a chance on the virtual playing field. If it was sold separately, would it have been so popular? The world will never know…

3. Grand Theft Auto V – PC/PlayStation 4/Xbox One – 90 Million Sold

The GTA series has been one of the most popular games on the planet since the release of its third iteration back in 2002. The open world third person RPG has set the bar with each of the games that followed up to the current GTA V which was released in 2013. Unlike most of the previous releases, this one continues to do numbers due to its updated missions, MODS (you can turn into Thanos!), and online play that keeps the gameplay crazy at all times.

2. Minecraft – PC/PlayStation 4/Xbox One – 144 Million Sold

Outside of the Italian plumber brothers, no other game has been as popular as this square people platform. What makes this game so popular that kids from 3 to 37 have been going crazy over it? We’ll between giving players the ability to create their environment, the countless mods available for your created character and the different content modes, Minecraft is game that creates a fresh a unique experience every time. Plus it makes it cool to be a square person!

1. Tetris – Nintendo Game Boy/Mobile Phones – 495 Million Sold

Before the world was crushing candy like crazy, there was Tetris. The puzzle game which debuted back in 1989 has been about that life. Before your favorite trap rapper was moving bricks on the block, he was moving bricks on the ‘Boy, breaking it down brick by L shaped brick. Although it only sold 35 million on the GB system, it was the mobile gaming boom that brought it back on top. Selling over 425 paid downloads, Tetris has become the highest selling video game of all time! Who knew? Not I said the cat.

Honorable Mentions:

New Super Mario Bros.-Nintendo DS 30.8 Million Sold

Pokemon Red and Blue- Nintendo Game Boy 31 Million Sold

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds-PC/Xbox One 34 Million Sold

Overwatch-PC/PlayStation/Xbox One 35 Million Sold

Mario Kart Wii – Nintendo Wii – 37 Million Sold