Christian rapper Shai Linne is typically challenging the minds of his listeners with thought-provoking intricate scripture heavy rhymes. Now the emcee is reaching out to the younger minds of tomorrow with a new book.

God Made Me and You: Celebrating God’s Design for Ethnic Diversity is coming on September 17th on New Growth Press. The book aims to show children they are special no matter what their nationality is.

“God was intentional in the ways he made us to differ from each other. Like the facets of a jewel, the glory of God shines all the more brightly as the light of his gospel is reflected through different vessels,” said Linne.

The book is fully illustrated and rhymes. The story is set in a classroom where a teacher approaches issues of race to the students.

The final page of the book is a guide with six steps on how adults can help children celebrate their diversity.

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