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Sevin Talks Successes, Regrets, and the Future of His 20-Year Career

Sevin Talks Successes, Regrets, and the Future of His 20-Year Career

Ever since HOB MOB leader Sevin announced his retirement and ensuing tour and album, it’s been nothing but love. The man has served in ministry and made it his goal to reach the lost in the streets for roughly 20 years. While he addressed most of that last week in an article here, this installment of the interview will take a look back at highlights, shortcomings, and the future for this soldier for Christ.

Through a career filled with highlight moments and accomplishments, one of the best memories Sevin has is of the first “Pray 4 My Hood Tour.”

Pray 4 my hood is an urban outreach initiative that takes a team of street ministers across the country every year on an “urban missions tour.” These Missions Tours involve doing everything from Christ-centered block party concerts to community cleanups in some of America’s roughest crime areas. The teams work with locals in the designated cities to blanket the community with faith-based materials in order to encourage a culture of Christianity in the various neighborhoods. Pray 4 my Hood also works with local urban street ministries by offering recourses and even training to help them be more effective in their local urban areas.

The rapper said they initially hit 80 cities, mostly outside “in the gutter of urban communities.” A few churches picked them up along the way, but this was an all-out assault on street outreach.

The reach and impact were incredible as Sevin along with his team gave out around a quarter of a million dollars worth of materials and books to the unsaved.

“I was able to bring out about eight brothers that I was discipling. Every single one of them is still in ministry to this day,” he said. “Looking back it’s one of my proudest moments…and watching God provide throughout the process.”

He continued, “When I first got in the game, Christian rap wasn’t as accepted. The way people look at me now isn’t the way they used to look at me. I can go for days with insane stories about encounters with God and even Satan. We are in nightclubs and there are people weeping on the dance floor. Entire dance halls were turned into prayer halls. Shootouts and crazy stuff going on all in the midst of this pursuit to bring the gospel to a place where most people would never go.”

“It’s hard to pick and choose, I’ve seen miracles with my own eyes.”

As for things he regrets or wishes he had done differently, a lot of it stems from discipleship and its importance. He also lamented the priority of a daily devotional time and being in the Word.

“…staying in an attitude of prayer, and surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals,” he revealed. “I wish I was as in love with Jesus then as I am now – fell in love with him on the road. I understand I wouldn’t love Him like I love Him if I didn’t have this experience. No matter how many times I failed Him, He still calls me home.”

Another regret he has is putting a platform under individuals who were not ready for the responsibility. He said he did this despite warning signs because they were his friends. “Even the change you may want to see might not be healthy for the person.”

He said he could have also been more financially responsible and not have cost himself and ministries so much money by being wiser.


One of the things Sevin was grateful for was his entrance into the music industry.

“I was signed by the Kenoly sons. In the beginning, I was a roadie, I came in the game serving. I was able to tour with a lot of big names [Kirk Franklin] but they came from different backgrounds than me,” he shared. “My heart was always grieving because when I looked into the crowd, I never saw my people.”

The HOG MOB founder knew that in order to be effective to those he grieved, he’d have to take the less popular route. He’d have to go to the places these “big artists” weren’t going.

At the same time, he saw the corruption behind the doors of “ministry” and knew he wouldn’t last if he didn’t get out.

“You got pastors wives handing you hotel keys and you ain’t been saved six months,” he confessed. “You thought this place was sacred and you see this Satanic behavior behind the curtain of this stuff. There is disgusting gross inequity in the Christian industry but there’s a lot of money involved and people’s reputations on the line. I’m trying to clean house for the next generation.”

This servant attitude will bode him well in music retirement. With all of his energy now focuses on the next generation and his assorted ministries, he has a plan.

At the moment he is working on a discipleship school that needs his attention. This school will train up the future of Christian outreach to do what Sevin has done all these years and beyond. 

Sevin is not stopping with improving others either. He wants to improve himself as well.

“I definitely plan on pursuing a higher level of biblical and business education. You know, I just want to be the best I could possibly be for the sake of the gospel,” he admitted. “I never had a formal education. I’ve kinda just been winging it for my career. I have a lot of brothers underneath so I want a higher level of education to trickle down to them. HOG MOB has a lot of stuff going on.”

For information on the tour and how to support Sevin on his last tour click here.

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