Last week HOG MOB’s leader and veteran emcee with all over 20 years in the game, Sevin, announced his retirement. With over 40 releases, nearly 20 ministries, and 100’s of thousands of souls reached through music, God is focusing this servant’s attention somewhere else.

Sevin chatted with Rapzilla about why he’s retiring, what’s next, and how he’s going out swinging.

“For the last 10 years music has started to mean less and less to me in terms of being an art form I have this huge passion for,” explained Sevin. “I always respect it for the tool it is to preach the gospel, especially for the urban culture. I’ve always been honored by God to be chosen as one of the vessels he’s wanted to use to spread the message to his people.”

He continued, “I remember the Lord telling me a long time ago that there would be a time to put this down.” That time has come for the rapper. 

SEEK YE 1ST THE KINGDOM AND ITS RIGHTEOUSNESS… Im not falling off, just falling back… Gods will is the only place i wana be. Im at the height of my “career” , there are many opportunities im turning down at this point and those who worship opportunity wont understand why im doing what im doing. But by Gods grace my walk with God is stronger than its ever been, my focus is on Him and what he desires and requires of me as His servant and His son. I will be continueing to disciple my brothers as well as doing full-time ministry. We love yal… even those who misunderstand us… our desire is to continue to grow in faith and mature in Holiness as we move deeper into these last days. S/o all the faithful ones who support what God is doin here…. MORE news coming very soon. God bleshyal.

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This next part of Sevin’s journey is all uncharted territory. He said outside of ministering through music he doesn’t have a lot of hobbies or a social life. “THIS IS ALL I DO.”

He’s even prayed for God to take away some of the passion so the transition will be easier.

“A lot of my income is wrapped up in this. I’ve been traveling 11 months out of the year. When God says out it done, that ain’t no joke,” he admitted. “I’m going into the unknown. I’ve never done anything else. I never had a job, I’m almost 40 years old. I was either in the street or the booth.”

Things in his personal life have begun to shift as well. He was recently awarded partial custody of his son. This was some validation to know he’s doing the right thing. “It was icing on the cake, it solidified that I was in God’s will.”

For Sevin, having this time with his family is a reward he doesn’t take lightly.

“I’ve seen so many ministers sacrifice their family for what they consider to be their ministry. I always promised myself I would never do that,” he said. “I see the hypocrisy in that.”

For the HOG MOB founder, this time, it’s over. Prior to this announcement Sevin had quit doing music two other times. However, he said they were “sabbaticals for disciplinary purposes.”

“If I caught myself slipping in terms of allowing pride or realizing I’m pursuing the platform more than God, I would fall back,” he explained. “It was never necessarily with the intent to return. There are some things with HOG MOB where the ministry needs me to play a certain position at this point. We have about 10 to 15 ministries that operate under that umbrella, so it’s hard for things to run properly when I’m on the road all the time.”

Sevin had to build a team around him who was able to step into some of the roles that he plays. This allowed him to take a step back, but in order for it to be what it’s supposed to be, it needs him.

“I’m sure there are plenty of artists who are in my situation and are fighting it [leaving music],” said Sevin. “I pray they be obedient to God and prop someone else up to pick up where they left off.”

The artist will be riding out into the sunset across the U.S. with “THA MOB TOUR.” For the final time he’ll be hitting cities from California to the East Coast from September to November. This time, he’s changing it up a bit.

He is notorious for stacking his shows with HOG MOB artists and friends. So over the course of two hours,  and between ministering, other performers, and talking, Sevin might have only done three or four songs. This time, he’s using the full sets for his music and only having artists that are featured on his tracks.

“I want to share that intimate experience with the fanbase that God has blessed me with,” he said. “I’m also going to be doing interviews in a talk show like setting where everyone can sit in on a conversation. There will also be a discipleship sign up program where HOG MOB will walk with them and make sure they are plugged into a gospel-preaching church and a ministry.”

This program will feature accountability phone calls, encouragement, and followup emails.

“Very rarely do you see artists lending their life out to people and trying to disciple people,” said Sevin. “I don’t really complain about what I don’t see happening. I call things out when I see them but I also try and lead by example like Jesus would.”

A documentary movie will be made of the entire tour. And the best part about all this, it’s absolutely free. The tour is coming out of his own pocket. It’s his way of giving back and people having no excuses for not coming out and hearing the Word of God.

“I can’t even take credit for what comes out of me. For God to be putting this in me and resonating with people, praise the Lord,” he said. “But I do not deserve this. I earned hell seven times over and I want to walk away honoring him by being the best I can be even on the way out.”

Sevin will also be dropping his final album this Fall. He’s in the process of mixing it now, and he’s putting it out independently. His last two projects were on GOM.

“I’m getting back to the vintage Sevin sound people know me for but on steroids,” he revealed. “I am saying everything I want to say and leaving it out on the table. I’m sitting down because God told me to. I’m literally at the height of my career at this point. Satan has been coming my way with all kinds of major opportunities of people who want to work with me or this and that. I’ve been doing this for years and now it happens. I see it for what it is and have been turning down everything but my collar.”

This final project will feature a few artists he’s been wanting to work with or hasn’t worked with in years. All of these guys are well-respected and have solid ministries.

“I’m focused on walking away in excellence.”

Lastly, for all those who have followed Sevin since the beginning, he’d like to extend his gratitude.

“Thank you for riding it out and by trusting the fruit you see. When you can see Christ in something, rock with it, that’s your king,” he shared. “Christ is returning and he’s not joking around. We need to make the pursuit of his kingdom first priority. When we stand before Him, all the B.S. that we told ourselves is going to burn. People can applaud you to Hell. We are brothers and sisters in Christ. The only one people need to be looking up to is Jesus Christ. I just want my fans to NOT BE my fans. I want them to jump into this thing and help preach the gospel!”

Watch Sevin Below:

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Stay tuned for part two of this interview dropping next Friday. Sevin talks about his successes and failures, and how his career started out.