Paul Hernandez dropped his new single “Vow” featuring S.O. as a free download.

“This is one of the most sentimental songs I’ve written on relationships,” he explained. “I experienced a traumatic couple years in my marriage that flipped my faith and world, and through that period of time, I birthed the inspiration for this record. Many people were looking down on me because I chose to marry young and I would be losing my ‘freedom’. I want to emphasize with this song, that living a life for someone you love is liberating in so many ways.”

He continued, “I also mention my battle with anxiety. I know there’s tons who deal with anxiety every day while striving to be that husband, wife, father, mother, friend. ‘The Vow’ is about relational commitment, emotional sacrifice, and ultimately seeing how being devoted to another person in love frees us from our own prisons.”

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