nobigdyl. was recently on the Survival of the Artist podcast where he broke down a lot of his moves throughout the last few years. Some of the topics he focused on were how his deal affects the indie tribe., advice on when to sign a deal, how he met WHATUPRG, and dealing with fans on social media.

dyl explained how Capitol worked with him, and how Reach Records works with RG.

“Our indie tribe. DNA is even in the way we negotiated our deals,” he said. “Most of the geneses of ideas whether it be RG or me, it’s still us. It’s still the four of us. Labels help with execution and obviously with Capitol. Both labels have been very good to us the past year.”

He continued, “We approached them like partnerships…I will say both of the labels respected our movements.”

nobigdyl. then talked about why he signed a deal despite being successful on his own. The way he explained it is unique and helpful for any artists considering the same. (20-minute mark).

Listen to nobigdyl. on the Podcast below:

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