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More Artists to Know with Under 500 Followers on Spotify

More Artists to Know with Under 500 Followers on Spotify

A few months ago we introduced you to artists we thought deserved more love on their Spotify’s. Now, we’re here to present 10 more to add to your “don’t sleep” lists.

The following list is of rappers that have less than 500 followers or 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Kyle Ringer

1,976 Monthly Listeners (59 Followers)

Kyle Ringer is the young gun of this list and already dishing out quality music with every release. Be on the lookout for a break out year in 2019. His latest project is called Gone.


225 Monthly Listeners (90 Followers)

a.i is a deadly emcee on the mic. There honestly isn’t much more to say except check out her album Severe Threads.

Jeff Cabreja

961 Monthly Listeners (116 Followers)

Jeff Cabreja’s music is artful. For this emcee, his production and lyrics go hand-in-hand. The sound is evident in his music.

Surfer Wolf

3,052 Monthly Listeners (168 Followers)

If Surfer Wolf looks familiar, it’s because he is. He formerly Wolf of Surf Gvng but is now flying solo and just released his debut Poncho Season.

Chris Soul

4,259 Monthly Listeners (241 Followers)

Chris Soul is perhaps the most underrated artist on this list. Despite one of the smaller catalogs here, his music is top notch. Just last week he released new single “Run It.”

Flight School

1,109 Monthly Listeners (249 Followers)

The duo of Flight School has been dropping dope music for a few years now. They dropped in a big way this spring with King, Culture, City.

Artificial Christian

654 Monthly Listeners (283 Followers)

Artificial Christian is a group of strong rappers that made their way onto this year’s 2018 Rapzilla Freshmen list. Their latest project is Beautiful Art.

Chris Aye

4,927 Monthly Listeners (383 Followers)

Chris Aye is one of those artists who’s got next. He’s part of Die Daily and is making waves with collaborations with Eric Heron and OnBeatMusic.


1,286 Monthly Listeners (441 Followers)

Shepherd has done a great job of getting himself noticed this year releasing single after single. His album The Intern was packed full of features and good songs.


1,608 Monthly Listeners (467 Followers)

Illijam has been grinding it out for a few years now and is just on the cusp of this list. He’s had a quiet 2018 but just dropped his summer single “All That Glitters.”

Artists, be sure to figure out what your FtS ratio is on Spotify using the Artist App.

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