It’s Daylyt saving time as RBE just dropped its latest battle which pits Loso against one of the Westside’s craziest and unpredictable pens. The judged battle which took place on their Pearly Gates 2 card was one for the books. From the trailers, it could have been easily assumed that we would be in for an apologetics battle the likes of what we witnessed with Loso vs B Dot. Daylyt also has a history of using antics in his battles, so no one knew what to expect when they both hit the stage. Gladly, both emcees showed up to handle business.

Loso came out the gate with his usual rapid-fire punches and witty flow, while his Horsemen brothers A. Ward and Th3 Saga stood on stage in solidarity. However, Daylyt was not taking it lying down and came back with a few crowd rockers that made the first round debatable. Loso bounced back from the first coming back with a strong second that included a wild Kanye West scheme. It still wouldn’t be enough to win the round as Daylyt edged the second by showing off his pen in a way that he hasn’t done in a while.
That third round though? Loso knocked the daylight out of Daylyt, dropping several bars that rocked the room. Day started the third strong but a mid-round choke and a restart were all that was needed for the judges to declare Loso the winner.
I have Loso slightly edging for a 2-1 victory due to Day’s stumble in the third, but this one could go either way in the eyes of the fans.

Watch Loso Below (warning adult language):