Over 20 years ago the rap duo of KJ-52 and Goldinchild spit raw raps as Sons of Intellect. Now, the pair have reunited to release eight new tracks along with a re-release of the original Insightful Comprehensions. 

KJ took some time out to talk about the project in our Fast 5 Fridays segment.

1. Why did this S.O.I. reunion happen and did working together after all years prove difficult or easier than expected?

I had realized that we were coming up on 6.26.2018 which was exactly 20 years from when we broke up. Initially, I thought we could re-release the original project on the same day but that turned into eight new songs. (Once we got started, we caught the creative bug). Overall working together this time around was infinitely easier. (He was a teenager back then and I was barely in my 20s.) Time and responsibilities tend to grow you up.

2. Obviously, a lot has changed in 20 years. With the original release and the new songs, did you approach the music any differently?

I tended to steer the ship a lot more this go around. Basically, I picked the beats, came up with the concepts, wrote the hook and/or got the guest features. He obviously contributed along the way. (Plus helped out with mixing and mastering). Back in the day on our first project, he did all the beat and the choruses were a bit more of a joint affair.

3. Who did the production for the project?

Theory Hazit (Blame it on the Hip-Hop, One Shot One Click)
Marvmobeats (Clap it Up, Barber Shop Talk)
Achim (Not Really)
What If (Knadelus)
Grind (KJ-52 and Andy Sheridan)
I’m Good (Dominic Gibbs)

4. Could this project lead to more S.O.I.?

Totally…the beauty of indie life and the way the music biz is now is that there are no rules! I’m loving it!

5. Why should people listen to this album or your music in general?

I think there’s a lack of lyrical based hip-hop with a grown man slant in the culture. Every generation redefines what the music is for them (there’s nothing wrong with that) but I feel there’s a bit of a void of hip-hop from an adult perspective.

The beauty of this musical genre is that you can have so many frames of references. As hip-hop continues to grow up (and out) there’s room at the table for every voice. What you’re hearing here is that voice of a grown man with the style we grew up on.

Get the new project here. It has features from Jered Sanders, Selah the Corner, and more. Grab the original project here.

Listen to Sons of Intellect Below: